We are thrilled that you have decided to apply to Georgia Tech, and we look forward to working with you. Please be aware that all applicants are required to apply for admission online.

Also, you must apply within one of the following categories: Freshman, Transfer, Special/Non-degree, or Programs for High School Students. International students will fall into one of the categories above but may have additional requirements. Below is a brief overview of each category. You can find more detailed information by clicking on the links for each one. 

Application Type Description
Freshman You are still in high school or you have graduated from high school but have not yet enrolled in classes at another college or university.
Transfer You have attended another college or university after graduation from high school
Non-Degree Seeking

You are:

  • A Transient student planning to return to your home institution after taking a specific course or courses at Georgia Tech. 
  • A Special student taking a course or courses at Georgia Tech only for personal or professional growth, rather than in pursuit of a degree.
  • At least 62 years of age, wishing to enroll under the 62 or Older Program, allowing you to take classes on a space-available basis without payment, excluding supplies, laboratory, or shop fees.
Programs for High School Students

You are interested in one of the following:

In accordance with University System of Georgia policy, students admitted to Georgia Tech must verify their lawful presence in the United States prior to enrollment. Students in Deferred Action status do not qualify for enrollment based on USG policy.