Academic Performance and Course Selection

When evaluating your application for freshman admission, we are very interested in understanding how you took advantage of your high school academic experience. During the evaluation process, considerable emphasis is placed on the curriculum taken during high school, keeping in mind what was available at each school. Successful applicants are those who take advantage of the most rigorous curriculum available to them in whatever form that may take – Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, magnet classes, dual enrollment, etc. In addition to considering the courses taken, we are also looking for demonstrated success in those courses.

High School Transcript & GPA
All applicants to Georgia Tech are required to submit an official high school transcript, or their country's equivalent (translated to English), when they apply. Please request that your transcript be sent to us from your high school counselor by the appropriate document deadline. Most counselors submit supporting documents to us electronically as part of their Common Application School Form submission, and we also accept electronic documents from other services such as Docufide, EScripts, GA College 411.

During the application process, we will evaluate the weighted GPA (if available) listed on your high school transcript. Utilizing this method enables us to look at your grades and class selection within the context of your own high school.

High School Transcripts for Admitted Students

Students who are admitted and plan to attend Georgia Tech will be required to submit a final, official high school transcript prior to enrollment that indicates high school graduation. We expect to see that students have maintained the same level of academic accomplishment upon graduation as when they applied. 

Required Courses
Entering students are required to meet the minimum course requirements set by the University System of Georgia as outlined below.

  • English - 4 Units
  • Math - 4 Units
  • Science - 4 Units
  • Social Science - 3 Units
  • Foreign Language - 2 Units

Students who have studied outside of the United States and home-schooled students may be required to submit additional documentation.