ACT/SAT Scores

Standardized test scores have a place in the admission process at Georgia Tech, as our own research has shown that they are a factor in predicting a portion of freshman year GPA at the Institute. For this reason, all applicants for freshman admission must take the SAT and/or the ACT. We accept both tests and have no preference between the two. Click here for information on the 2016 redesigned SAT.

Evaluating your Test Scores
We use all three portions of the SAT and/or the three equivalent parts of the ACT, as outlined below. We do not use the ACT Composite score or the Science or Reading score.

  • SAT Critical Reading = ACT English
  • SAT Math = ACT Math
  • SAT Writing = ACT Combined English/Writing

Only your highest section scores from either test will be viewed in the evaluation process. Additionally, your highest combination of scores may come from tests taken on different dates. For example, your high test scores may include SAT Critical Reading from March, ACT Math from October and ACT Combined English/Writing from December. Each time you submit new scores to us, we will update your record with your highest scores.

Sending your Test Scores
Official test scores must be sent directly to Georgia Tech from the testing agency. Use the following codes to request that your scores be sent to us:

  • School Code for the SAT: 5248
  • School Code for the ACT: 0818

When You Should Test
Scores must be received no later than two weeks prior to decision release in order for you to receive a decision in the round to which you have applied. However, you are strongly encouraged to complete your file as quickly as possible.

Our advice for completing this portion of the application

  • Take both tests! Many students feel more comfortable with one testing format over the other, resulting in higher scores!
  • Send us your scores when you take the test – don’t wait! Your scores may fluctuate with each test instance, but we will only use the highest section in our review of your application. Delaying sending us your scores could put you at risk of missing an application date or being excluded from information sent from our office.
  • Tell us on the application if you are retaking a test after your submission date that we could consider when making a decision on your file.
  • Take advantage of Khan Academy’s test preparation resources for the current and 2016 redesigned SAT.