Why Atlanta is the place for you!

Georgia Tech is located in midtown Atlanta, one of the city's most energetic and vibrant neighborhoods for business, culture, education, and entertainment. We have compiled a list of the top reasons that we love Atlanta and why you might too—whether you are from as far as Shanghai or as close as the suburbs of Atlanta.  

  • Culture- Atlanta is a southern hot spot for music venues, theaters, shops, art galleries, museums, clubs, parks, and literally hundreds of restaurants. As a city that loves to celebrate culture, you can find festivals almost every weekend to commemorate the city’s history, cuisine, or diverse backgrounds.
  • Business- Atlanta is home to the headquarters of 24 Fortune 1,000 and a dozen Fortune 500 companies. Employers in the area are eager to hire Tech grads because they know the value our students bring to the workforce.  Atlanta's strong business culture and Georgia Tech's leadership in innovation make this an ideal environment for developing creative business and technology initiatives.
  • Location- You can enjoy outdoor activities year round with Atlanta’s warm climate and beautiful green space. Only a few blocks from campus, Piedmont Park is a great place to take a run or throw Frisbee.  When you want a break from the city, you can find mountains, lakes, campsites, and hiking trails within an hour's drive, and convenient access to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport makes the whole world just a flight away!


Don't take it from us! Hear what one of our students has to say about living in Atlanta!


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